If you have trouble with eye allergies, Dr. Jeffery Graf OD FAAO can help you find relief with an eye examination at Graf Medical Eye Care. When you come in for your appointment, he may recommend performing an allergy test to see what is directly causing your allergies. From there, our optometric physician and team can prescribe medicated eye drops or medication.

eye allergies

To help ease the discomfort of eye allergies, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as much as you can
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Keep your eyes moisturized with an eye lubricant
  • Wear your glasses or sunglasses during pollen season
  • Take out your contacts
  • Filter the air inside your house and switch out the filter often
  • Clean your bedding often to avoid dust mites

When Do I Need To See an Eye Doctor?

There is no level of severity to determine when you should come in for eye allergy relief. We have helped patients who are experiencing allergies for the first time and those who have developed an infection. No matter your case, we want you to live without eye discomfort.

Give us a call today at 435-634-0420 to book a consultation and learn more about how to care for eye allergies in St. George, Utah. We look forward to hearing from you!