pink eye

If you wake up with red, achy eyes that are sensitive to light and touch, you may have an eye infection. These usually appear when blood vessels in the conjunctiva get exposed to a virus or bacteria. Many patients wonder where their eye infection came from, and the most common causes are allergens, staphylococcus and infectious keratitis. There are many different types of eye infections to watch out for, these include:

  • Pink eye — Commonly caused by allergies and viruses, leaving inflammation in your eyes. Please be sure to wash your hands often to avoid the fast spread of this infection.
  • Stye — Appears as a small bump on your eyelid causing irritation and discomfort. Usually caused when something is blocking an oil gland.
  • Endophthalmitis — Mostly occurs after a serious eye injury or surgery, causing severe inflammation inside the eye.
  • Blepharitis — The sight of inflammation caused by clogged oil glands inside the eyelid.
  • Cellulitis — Occurs after bacterial infection or injury, causing your eye tissues to be swollen.

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