Accidentally injure your eye? Do not worry, we’ve got you taken care of at Graf Medical Eye Care. Our talented optometric physician can provide care to help save any impaired vision. Eye injuries can be caused by multiple things, including being hit with a sharp object, chemical exposure, trouble with contact lenses or unfamiliar particles in the eye. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Jeffery Graf OD FAAO can meet with you to help you find relief.

eye injury

Common Care for Eye Injuries:

To help you treat your eye injury, we may provide the following options:

  • Ice packs to help lower redness and swelling.
  • An eye flush to rinse out chemicals with clean water.
  • Eyedrops to help with moisture and vision.
  • An eyepatch to allow your eye to heal and avoid rubbing.

How Can I Prevent Injuries?

The best way you and your family can be safe from eye injuries is by wearing protective glasses when performing high-exposure activities, properly storing household chemicals in safe spaces and avoiding pointing a laser directly in the eyes of others.

To seek care for an eye injury in St. George, Utah, please give us a call at 435-634-0420 to schedule your appointment. We would love to hear from you!