A neuro eye disorder is created by certain health conditions affecting your nervous system. Some of the most common neuro eye disorders are a result of living with multiple sclerosis and pseudotumor cerebri (unexplained increased pressure in the brain). These and other types of disorders can cause severe dysfunction in the eyelids and muscles that work to control the eyes. If not cared for properly, this can cause loss of vision. Our optometric physician can work to treat your symptoms when you stop by for a visit here at Graf Medical Eye Care.

neuro eye disorder

Different types of Neuro Eye Disorders:

  • Optic Neuropathies — Occurs when there is damage to the optic nerve due to a change in blood flow. This leaves you with pain and vision problems, mostly with just one eye.
  • Optic Neuritis — Appears when inflammation is in the optic nerve and is often associated with multiple sclerosis.
  • Giant Cell Arteritis — Develops when there is inflammation in the arteries, including your temples and scalp.
  • Chiasm Disorders — Forms when there are tumors, trauma or bleeding to the brain, causing the optic nerve to be disrupted.

Eye care for these disorders varies by case and can be discussed with our optometric physician . Call us today at 435-634-0420 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffery Graf OD FAAO and learn more about neuro eye disorders in St. George, Utah.